Exotix Pets-How Difficult To Care For?

OK, I’ve had dogs all my life…and they are great pets! You cannot beat a dog for empathy, companionship, and just all around fun! However, I’ve long wanted to have some more exotic beats…like:
-Penguins: are they difficult to keep healthy?
-Peacocks: I’ve heard they are super noisey birds…still, I love the look of a peacok!
-Seals: with a large swimming pool, and a good supply of fish-can I get one?
-Orangutans: they look so intelligent…do they like living with humans?
So, anybody with experience with these unusual pets? Should I didtch the idea?

Apes are endangered and dangerous, forget the orangutan.

Penguins will need a cold environment <a pool with a chiller at minimum). They are Noisy and Smelly. Several types are endangered, and you may have issues with import laws if they are not native to your coastal waters.

Seals are the same as penguins, except on a larger scale.

Peacocks are the easiest, though you’ll need to make sure you keep their wings clipped by a professional vet. You will need a fence of some sort to protect your bird and keep out predators. They are very noisy and will poop all over your grounds.

Forget the seals, the 1973 marine mammal protection acts forbids you even touching one.

As for penguins: 7 out of 22 species live in warm environments and actually hate the cold…but they certainly are smelling and loud…

go for the peacocks.