Experience 10,000 things or enjoy a few things 10,000 times

Who gets the most out of life, someone who experiences as many different things as possible or someone who experiences only a few things but seems to get more out of the same experience each time. I tend to fall into the latter category but sometimes wonder if I am cheating myself.

I don’t know… I can see the argument either way. On one hand, you run the risk of becoming set in your ways and afraid to branch out, and on the other, you never really get to experience something in it’s entirety.

I imagine the most fulfilling way to go about things is to do moderately deep dives on as many things as you can.

Look at it this way- would you rather be the guy who can tell you where the wine grapes were grown- down to the particular field and hillside? Would you prefer to be the guy who knows a good deal about wine, but also knows a good deal about beer, or would you rather be the guy who’s had a little beer, a little wine, and a little of everything?

I’d rather be that middle guy ultimately. Superficial experience isn’t worth much, but idiot-savant style myopic focus on one thing isn’t much better.

Personally, I’d prefer to experience 7,500 things once and a few things 2,500 times!

I think a lean this way also, I tend to stay with things for about a decade with other things overlapping inbetween. I guess you could apply it in different ways also.

 If I was allotted 10,000 opportunities to make love in my lifetime. I would say 1 woman 5,000 times, 5 women 200 times and 1500 women less than 5 times each. That wouldn't be too bad.

I was once at a school board meeting, where the superintendent grandly announced that he has had 40 years of experience. The guy next to me whispered “He’s had one year of experience 40 times”.

A woman, it is said, wants everything from one man. A man wants one thing from every woman.

somethings need to experienced many times to enjoy; the skilled pursuits like music, arts, photography, gymnastics and so on. after years you could have something of intense enjoyment and being in the groove.

This is very true, my world is not very big and I often feel left out in some social circles where exotic travel seems to be the main topic of conversation. At the same time I can’t help but notice that in many ways I feel much more alive than they do, I maintain a high level of motivation and seldom lack stimulation in nearly all areas of my life. They would see my life as extremely boring where I find everday full of new challenges and goals. If I could go back and change anything I would probably set aside a little more time to expose myself to new things but knowing how I am as soon as I was exposed to something I liked I would most likely sink my teeth into it and be off and running again.