Experience a Chapman Stick or an NS/Stick

**Experience WITH a Chapman Stick or an NS/Stick ** (can anyone change the title?)

I’m a very average bass player and even less than that when I pick up a guitar.

I love the sound of the Stick and wonder how easy it is to go from bass playing to the 8-string stick or the NS/Stick.

love to hear from your experience.

Hey - sorry I can’t help you; I have no real playing time logged on a Stick. In what I read about it, the biggest challenge is the fact that it is more like playing the piano, where you need to be able to coordinate your hands independently. That is VERY different from bass or guitar (unless you are Stanley Jordan)…

I played one once in a music shop in Edmonton sometime around '83. It was way beyond me at the time. Now, with a bit of time working on piano and having mucked about with 8-string guitars, I’m seriously jonesing to play one, but no-one in town (Toronto) seems to have one hanging around to try out, and I’m not jonesing $2500 - $3500 CAN worth to order one just to see if I can do anything with it or not.

Or at least, not until the piano arrives and is paid for. (Oh, jeez, I hope my wife didn’t see me say that!) :wink: