Experience with anterior/posterior laminectomy?

Has anyone had or been close to someone who has had this surgery?

I have a friend who is likely facing this very soon and I’m looking for up-close-and-personal stories, the good, the bad, and the ugly. (If I can work in another cliche, I will.)

He has multiple other health issues that I won’t go into–I’m mostly wanting to hear about recovery issues, i.e., pain relief, AGE of the patient, loss of time from work, long term benefits. If you can work in something positive/optimistic, that would be great, as the research he’s done hasn’t offered much along those lines.


Giving it a bump. No one? (Or did no one survive the surgery? :frowning: )

I know I’m only allowed one bump.

What is it? I’m guessing from the name that it’s a removal of a layer from the front and back, but a layer of what, and from the front and back of what?


I’m looking for someone who has had it and is alive to tell about it. I was assuming that if you’ve had it, you’d know what it was.

Good news: he doesn’t need the surgery.

Bad news: he was hoping for some relief, but his problem can’t be helped by surgery. :frowning:

Carry on.