Experience with Net10 prepaid wireless?

I’m looking for a prepaid wireless service for my parents who live in the middle of nowhere where there’s no cell service. They travel quite a bit though so it’d be good for them to have a cell phone for times when they are in a coverage area. Prepaid makes sense for them since they’d use it so infrequently.

I just recently saw an ad for Net10 and it sounds decent enough. Anyone have any experience with them? How is their coverage area? Is it really as good a deal as it sounds or are there hidden fees and such?

I would do it in a second if it was truly 10 cents a minute with no fees. The “catch” is you have to keep buying minutes whether you use them or not or the phone stops working. The $30 card is good for thirty days, so you basically commit to spending at least $30/month to keep the phone working.

My ex had a prepaid phone through Cingular. If I remember, the fees weren’t anything bad and your minutes were good for three months.