Experience with Seasonale?

I just got hired for a field biologist position down in Miami. The position will require extensive, labor-intensive work in the Everglades under the boiling sun. Multiple times a week. Year round.

This means my period will be a major inconvienence.

My periods aren’t as bad as some people’s on the board, but they can be brutal when they’re bad. I’m talking about debilitating cramps, nausea, diarrhea AND constipation, and major fatigue (made worse because I’m anemic). Even when they aren’t that bad, my periods can send me to the bathroom as much as ten times a day. This simply can not happen while I’m out in the field. Even if I could make do without a toilet, there are very few trees and bushes in the Everglades. And I’m sure the alligators just love bleeding little girls…

I’m excited about the job but worried about what I’m going to do every month. I’m seriously considering getting on Seasonale. Does anyone have experience with this drug? What are the side effects? How effective is it keeping periods at bay? Is it expensive?