Experiences-Poll: Survivors of forced ECT or psych drugging

From the NYOrg list (Mental Health Activism and Advocacy), the following request, which I am passing along (not disinterestedly; I want to hear the answers, too):

Anyone who would like to participate but prefers to do so off-list, feel free to email me backchannel. Reciprocally, anyone who wishes to post about such experiences on the board but does not wish their story to go anywhere else, rest assured that I will pass along anything without your express permission to do so.

But please consider participating in both venues.

I have been forcibly psych-drugged (despite being a “voluntary” patient) a small handful of times in my life, but not within the timeframe being asked about. (I’ve gone to some trouble to keep psychiatric services at considerable distance. I keep an 11 foot pole for things I wouldn’t touch with a 10-foot pole and I use it on psychiatric professional :)). This, however, is a poll not a pole, and participation is not limited to people who share my opinion of psychiatry, or even of coercive psychiatry.

If you are not a US resident, please note that, thanks.