Experiences with 4+ meals per day

I’ve recently been having more than the standard three square, due to a rather odd schedule and a penchant for lower-calorie foods, requiring me to eat more times per day. So far so good; I’ll typically have 1/2 cup of oatmeal and tea for breakfast, vegetables or a few slices of bread around noon, “tea-time” is usually my biggest meal of the day and is something like pasta or stir-fry with rice, and then an evening snack around 8-9.

I’m wondering if anyone has more experience than I with eating more but lighter meals in a day on a regular basis. What types of food do you eat and in what proportions? Anything particularly portable to bring for lunch?

What’s a “few slices” of bread? White bread has around 70 calories a slice, which isn’t exactly a low cal option once you get past two slices.

Low fat and filling foods I eat include natural applesauce(no added sugar,) shredded carrots, stawberries (as is) and blueberries. I personally like how carrots and blueberries taste eaten together, but I have a feeling that it’s an acquired taste. You can get water packed fruit salad rather than in light or heavy syrup too. Those things, eaten with some sort of dairy like string cheese or yogurt, plus some sort of 100 calorie snack make up my lunch most workdays. Oh, how do you like dill pickle spears? They’re almost calorie free.

I’m not partial to salads, but I’ll bring cut up raw veggies like carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves, radishes, scallions, cauliflower and broccoli. I guess you can make a dip if you want.
I also bring Kashi bars and a cup of yogurt to work too, and a couple of hard boiled eggs if I think I’m not getting enough protein, I don’t eat the yolks. Sometimes I bring a small container of shredded wheat, usually cinnamon flavored or another cereal to snack on too. I try not to eat unless I’m hungry.