Experiences with a coronectomy?

I’m curious as to whether anyone else here has had a coronectomy, and if so, if folks would share their experiences. To be clear, I’m not seeking medical advice, and I have a follow-up with the surgeon next Tuesday. I’m mostly interested in whether others had similar recovery times.

I had my procedure this past Friday (along with two full extractions). While the full extractions seem to be healing fine and have been of little trouble, the site of the coronectomy and surrounding area are still quite painful at times (six days later). That side of my face is still a bit swollen, and at the best of times, it feels like there’s something uncomfortably lodged in my jawbone and cheek. At the worst of times, the pain is enough to make it hard to concentrate or sleep. I still can’t open my mouth all the way, eating remains quite challenging, and even the teeth in the surrounding area are sensitive. The hydrocodone did very little to soften the blow while I was taking it.

All that said, my situation is definitely improved since the first few days after the surgery, but the improvement is slow. I foolishly thought the coronectomy would be a much less big deal than the extractions, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Anyone else have experience they’re willing to share?

No experience.

I just had to post to say how curious your post made about coronectomies. I was figuring it must be removal of the head. Wrongo, bucko!

Yeesht. I’d never heard of this procedure before. I’ve had an apicoectomy, and THAT was bad enough. Not the procedure - it took about 10 minutes and was less traumatic than a filling - but the anticipating, and also describing it to other people.

I believe your root leftovers are mobile and the procedure is probably failing. You will probably have to get the rest extracted. My husband went through this 2 times they both failed. Of course this is just my opinion. IANAD, At all.

I wonder if you’ve got dry socket. Have you been back in touch with your doctor or have you just been toughing it out until your check up?

That’s my guess as well. The wiki page you [the OP] linked to mentions that dry sockets are one of the complications, however having never heard of the procedure, I can only go by what it says. My normal suggestion (possibly incorrect) is that if you have a tooth pulled and a week or so later it still hurts, it’s probably a dry socket. Even if it’s not, call your endodontist. Their advice could range anywhere from ‘that’s normal, don’t worry’ to ‘I’ll meet you in the office on tomorrow (Saturday/Sunday) so we can take care of it’. My WAG is that they’ll tell you to come in Monday.

IME, if you made the appointment (and had the tooth extracted) because it was painful, by the time the novocaine wears off, the original pain is already gone. From there it should only get better. Continuing to increase should be cause for concern.
TL;DR, call the doc that did the procedure tomorrow (Saturday) and see what they have to say. Don’t worry about bothering them, it’s what they do.

It’s also possible that you’re developing an infection at that particular spot. Did the doc give you antibiotics?

Antibiotic mouthwash might help, too. They make non-stinging versions now, so you don’t have to suffer Listerine.

I second the notion that you should contact your doctor.

I appreciate the responses. For what’s it’s worth, I had my follow-up today. Everything is fine and healing as appropriate, according to the surgeon. While I still don’t have full range of motion on the right side of my jaw, the pain has subsided considerably, and I’m a lot closer to being able to chew normally than I was three days ago. I’m supposed to go back for a follow-up in six months to make sure the roots haven’t migrated. He said the space where the coronectomy was done will probably feel odd for about a month.

To address specific questions/comments:

  1. Yes, I was prescribed a mouthwash (chlorhexidine) from the moment I left the surgery. The surgeon today said that everything stayed clean, so I presumably did OK by that. Funny how non-instictive it is to try to figure out how to rinse/swish, or even brush your teeth, WITHOUT spitting, which is verboten for the first two weeks.

  2. No indication of dry socket or any other of the normal things that can happen post-surgery. The surgeon today said that he’s not surprised I’ve still got lingering pain. He said coronectomies aren’t fun to begin with, and mine had an added layer of complication because the tooth was coming in nearly horizontally. He said that as far as these things go, my procedure was fairly complicated.

  3. Joey P, if I said or implied that the pain was getting worse than when the anesthesia wore off, that’s my mistake. I think I was just surprised at how bad the pain could be, and how desperately I was continuing to need strong pain medication at the end of each dosage cycle. The pain would “increase” from the periods when the medication was most effective, but I wouldn’t say there was ever an overall increase from the initial pain.

Anyway, I’m glad to be almost back to normal, because oral pain sucks and makes it surprisingly hard to function. I’m still interested if it turns out anyone else has personally been through the same procedure, but again, I appreciate everyone who has responded thus far.