Experiences with Homeopathic HCG Weight Release

I’m wondering if anyone here has successfully used this method for weight release and kept excess body fat off?

I saw a segment on Dr Oz about it.


I highly doubt it.

All homeopathy is garbage and Dr. Oz is a quack on most subjects.

Do you have any links?

I’d be dubious, just from the start, because:

  1. hCG ‘diets’ that I’m aware of have their practioners eat 500 calories a day. The hCG seems largely irrelevant to the weight loss.
  2. Dr. Oz seems to be developing a bad reputation (based on what I read from other doctors).
  3. Homeopathy is largely pseudoscience from what I’ve read.

By definition, “homeopathic hCG drops” have almost no actual hCG in them. Homeopathy begins with the practice of diluting the active ingredient to the point that it’s almost completely absent. How is that supposed to be an effective strategy?

I checked out a website selling this stuff and they’re asking $199.99 for six ounces. That seems like a lot to spend for water (which is what most homeopathic remedies consist of, as they’re diluted to the point that it is highly unlikely a single molecule of “active” substance remains), but your mileage may vary. They cite no studies showing “homeopathic HCG” works (this falls into the category of “well duh”) but have video testimonials. In short, this sounds like a classic supplement company scam.

Another “well duh” moment. Oz has been on a descent into woo-credulousness for quite awhile now.

I’m certain that a 500 calorie a day diet will melt the pounds off, though.


(The first of elebenty nillion sites that came up when I googled.)

That site won’t let me copy and paste? Last graf details what you eat using their “protocol.”
A couple of days of eating a lot of fats.
Three weeks of zero starch or sugar, then gradually introduce some starch and sugar along with 21-55 days of a “very restricted calorie diet” of 500 calories per day.
Then you repeat the protocol as needed until you reach target weight.

Umm? And many hundreds of dollars worth of magic distilled water that had some sort of herb waved over it ten years ago accelerates the process of losing weight on 500 calories per day, how exactly? Sweet ping-pong-playing Jesus, that is such a crock.

LegendHasit - I’d suggest one of the sensible diets - South Beach, maybe (I’m not an expert on diets), add some exercise as tolerated, and stick with it. A very good friend lost 100 lbs or so on Atkins about 8 years ago. She’s kept about 80 lbs of it off, and most importantly she stuck with it long enough to make a permanent change to what she eats.

Actually, you don’t even get water. Not used them myself, but I know a few people gullible enough, and they’re completely dry- what you normally get is a sugar pill, on which a drop of water… sorry… homeopathic preparation… has been added and allowed to dry. It imparts the memory of the imprint of the molecule of the ‘active’ ingredient, don’tcha know!

Well, just to play the devil’s advocate, hCG is human chorionic gonadotropin. It’s a human hormone, not an herbal product. In addition, hormones have measurable effects at VERY low dosages, so it’s not COMPLETELY out of the question that a highly diluted hCG solution could have some physiological effects.

I’d bet, however, that commercial homeopathic hCG drops actually have NO active compound in them.

The stuff I saw online was 6 ounces worth in dropper bottles. Water seems to be the typical “diluent”, but some homeopathic preparations are in the form of a tincture containing alcohol. In one forum someone was talking about taking an HCG product that was 16% alcohol and enjoying the kick (this hearkens back to the days of patent medicines, when women would knock back a bottle of Lydia Pinkham’s for their “female troubles”. It had a goodly percentage of alcohol, so a lot of troubles tended to fade away if you took it. :))

We’re not just talking dilute, we’re talking homeopathic dilute, which is extreme. In a typical 30C homeopathic dilution, it’s been estimated that the odds of having one molecule of active ingredient in the final product is one in a billion billion billion billion.

I would amend “largely” to “entirely”.

Here’s some links:

I was researching dangers and found this:

From there, I found this with the cost more reasonable:

From there, I found this a video blog from someone connected with the company as a contractor:

And for anyone who cares, the wizard himself:
Dr. Oz show:

Appreciate the comments so far!


The first site appears (from my skim of it) purely to be a shill for the second link you provided, the “drops.” It’s amusing to note on the “About” page on the first site that you should beware of scare tactics from sites trying to sell you other products, when the main page talks up how scary shots are and how the drops are better for you.

The stuff you linked to online looks to be 6X to 60X dilution, which (at 6X) could, maybe, possibly still have enough active ingredient to do something when you take 60 drops per day.

Am I right in thinking 60X is the same thing as 30C?

I’m just going to note that homeopathy is a bunch of crap, but there are cases of manufacturers using “homeopathic” as way to avoid testing and labeling requirements, while selling a product that actually has a measurable amount of active ingredient.

The first link is a very thinly-disguised attempt to sell HGC drops, and to make affiliate dollars on sites that also sell them, like the other million or so sites that crop up with this search. Not reputable or credible.

The second site is yet another of billionty-seven sites or blogs making money, or affiliate money, off of HGC drops. Not reputable or credible.

Didn’t bother wasting time with the YouTube link because I assume it’s more of the same crap. Not reputable or credible.

Whoever Dr. Oz is - Not reputable or credible.

I suggest you tune up your bullshit detector - it is failing you big time. Your biggest health risk right now is being taken for a shill by quack “remedies”, pseudo-science and dodgy internet merchants and spending big money on distilled water.
You might want to try search edu.com and look up some disinterested sites, insteaed of merely googling. Because your gullibility and naivete is going to leave you fat, and with less money, so far.

I know several people that have done this diet. It’s become sort of a fad…but for everyone I personally know that has done it…it has been effective. My cousin and his wife did it most recently. His wife had tried lots of traditional diets after having their two kids and was unsuccessful at losing the weight she wanted to. She convinced her husband, my cousin to do the diet with her. I don’t know what her starting weight was, but my cousin is about 5’8" and weighed around 190 lbs. Overweight but not overtly obese.

They did the drops that you put under your tongue and followed the 500 calorie a day diet fairly regimentally. Of course it’s the 500 calories a day that causes the weight loss, but he and his wife and everyone else I know that’s done it claim that after about 3 days on the drops they didn’t feel hungry. Also supposedly the HCG keeps their metabolism at a normal level as opposed to severly dropping when your body goes into starvation mode.

Well to cut to the meat…after about 3 weeks they both lost about 25 pounds. He said it was extremely motivating to get on the scale and see a 1/2 pound to 2 pound a day loss. He’s been off the diet about 2 months and he’s kept the weight off. Everyone else I know has had similar results and have kept the weight off.

If you need to lose weight, this seems like a very quick and motivating way to do it. No matter how you lose it, you’ve got to change the way you eat if you want to keep it off…so why not lose it fast.

A few of my tennis friends have done it and have kept the weight off for a year or so.

But, I agree, it’s the 500 calories a day that does it.

To be fair…I’m not sure that anybody promoting or selling the HCG drops claims that it is the hormone that causes the weight loss. They claim that it subsides the hunger and keeps the metabolism rates at a normal level.

Looks that way.

Even with the 6X dilution we’re talking about one part of the original concentration of substance to a million parts of diluent. According to the thinking :dubious: of homeopaths, that’s a considerably weaker drug than the 60X/30C dilution.

As to whether there is any physiologic activity promoting weight loss at 6X or 60X, well you gotta have faith. Because the evidence is zilch.

Omar & PunditLisa,

Do you know if your friends consulted with any online vendors to source the drops?