Experiments that succeeded in the late 60s

I think it’s inevitable that we start a mirror thread to the experiments that failed.

  • Tie-dye
  • Civil Rights (at least better than it was)
  • Piercing

Tie dye?

Star Trek: The Franchise. Hey, it lasted 36 years.

Space travel.

Environmentalism. And it probably saved the planet.

Ratty Blue Jeans.

Fluorescent colors.

Ancient eastern medicine. (http://www.naturesway.com/)

Long hair on men. (Not that this is overly popular these days. But if you see a man with long hair you aren’t surprised, and you don’t assume he’s leaning towards being a transsexual.)

Recreational Nitrous Oxide.

Skinny Fashion Models.

Loud Guitars.

Birth control pills

Heart transplants

Cheap photocopying

Satellite communications

I experimented with marriage in1969, and still married to the same Lady. Does that count? :smiley:

Halogen lamps, video games, permanent press, soft contacts, Nutrasweet, CDs, Kevlar, fuel injection, handheld calculators, the mouse, RAM, ATMs, bar code scanners, ARPAnet, astroturf.

I’m going to dispute these.

Video games - Maybe invented in the late 60s, but the first video game I remember was Pong in the mid 70s. It cost around $100 and you played it on your TV.

CDs - I don’t think so, we were just barely used to buying LPs instead of 45s back then.

Hand Held Calculators - The first one I remember seeing was in 1973, my physics teacher had one, an HP with LED display, it cost around $300.

Music festivals.

Drive-thru fast food.


Transister radios.

LPs didn’t replace 45s; they replaced 78s. In the 50s.

Non-white dress shirts for men.

Facial hair.


Sexual revolution (including feminism and gay liberation).

Mistrust of government as “big brother.”

Lighting effects in concerts.

Computerized typesetting (leading to desktop publishing)


Female instrumentalists.

Small cars.

Acceptance of off-color humor.

Computer-generated music.

Digital data processing.

In the early 60s most people I knew bought 45s of the hot singles that were played on the radio. Then when the Beatles came along it became necessary to buy the LPs because almost all of their songs were on the radio.

Yes, technically, some of the things Captain Amazing mentioned were probably invented in the 60s, but they really didn’t make it into mainstream society until the 70s or 80s.

Mouse? - 80s.

The “brother” handshake.

Prescription sunglasses.

Aluminum wheels on cars.

Credit cards.

Braless & Tube tops.

Color TV.

FM Radio.

You tied up a piece of cloth in various ways, dying it in different colors as you did so. It wasn’t invented in the 1960s; it’s actually mentioned in my vintage 1960 encyclopedia, so it must have been invented before.

But wearing clothes treated this way was a 60s thing.

Link (You may have to click on ‘Fashion’, and then ‘Tie-Die T-shirts’.

The Charismatic Renewal- Pentecostal spiritual practices in Catholic & mainstream Protestant churches. The RCC & moderate Protty churches still have Charismatic cells while the classical Penty & new Charismatic churches have exploded as other CR Catholics & Protties shift memberships.

The Jesus Movement- Jesus as Pop Culture Icon, Christian Contemporary Music,
Christian political activism (Right & Left) all have roots in that

The John Birch Society- While not necessarily accepted as legit concepts in popular culture, the concepts of Illuminati, New World Order & Eastern Establishment manipulation are more well known & not quite as fringy as they were 40-30 years ago. I also maintain that JBS pamphleting helped unseat several “safe” liberal Senators in 1980, resulting in the brief Republican taking of the Senate AND assisting in the Reagan Revolution. Interestingly, the JBS has officially voiced disdain & suspicion for Reagan, but I think a lot of the moderate members still saw him as the best of a questionable bunch.

Lava lamps.

(what makes you people think tatoos were a '60s experiment?)

I was born in 1960, do I count?

The mouse was invented and first demo’d in 1967.