Expiring Domain question

I was just looking through some possible Domain Names and the one I’d really quite like is, inevitably, taken. However, I read through the info and found this:

Record last updated on 06-Jun-2000.
Record expires on 21-Aug-2000.
Record created on 20-Aug-1996.
Database last updated on 22-Aug-2000 07:39:20 EDT.
Wow, that was intersting !! But now I’m confused. The registration expired yesterday, it seems to have not been renewed (because the database was updated today and no update was mentioned) but the Domain is not up for grabs at the moment.
Anyone waited for a domain to expire - does it take a while for the d/b to catch up ?

OK, I should also mention the Domain is not being used at the moment (just dead, not even a holding page)

Sorry Manny. I know to trust the cgi - just…sorry. Please eradicate, kill, maim and otherwise destroy this. Thanks and sorry, again.