Explain "drunk time" to me.

As I get older, I don’t drink as much, but the few times I do go out with friends, I always experience “drunk time.” Most of you know what I mean.

You meet your buddies at 6pm at a local watering hole. You begin drinking at look at the clock/your watch/your phone and it is 6:14. You are laughing and having a great time. 6:28. Talking more, ordering more rounds, bitching about the wives. 6:49. Wow, this is great. This night will last forever and be memorable. 7:14. More drinking and laughs. 7:22.

Then in the next second it’s 5:14am and you are three counties away from where you last remembered being and thanking God you aren’t in jail.

I exaggerate slightly, but why does time pass so slowly at first and then accelerate?

Time is relative, drunk time doubly so.

Aliens. Rectal Probes. Memory wiping. Whitley Streiber knows all.

I don’t think it necessarily has much to do with drinking.

When you’re having fun in any situation, time seems to go by quickly. When you’re not having fun, or are bored, it seems to go by very slowly.

Drinking with friends, the more you drink, the more fun you have, the more it seems like time has zipped by.

You’re starting at 6pm is what’s happening. :smiley:

Sunday afternoon syndrome: 4:00pm, feeling good after a weekend break from work, then holy smoke next time you look at the clock it’s suddenly 8:30pm. Where did the restful evening go!? No time left, just thinking about work now and for the next five days ;-(

It wouldn’t surprise me if alcohol does play a part, though. It is a depressant. It does mess with a lot of your senses. Your memory does get worse the more you drink. All of this might exasperate the effect you mention. Do those of you who know how to find such things know if there have been any studies?

This happens to me Every. Single. Sunday.

“Nice day, getting stuff done, will call mom…wait, it’s only 4, I’ll call her after dinner”

Suddenly it’s ten o’clock and too late to call and crap I have to get to bed. :smack:

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