Explain my mechanical violation ticket to me

I got a ticket on my window, being parked in the street. As best I can tell, the officer wrote: 5201 © 2 CVC No cover on plate

Here is a link to California code 5201: http://law.onecle.com/california/vehicle/5201.html

I honestly don’t get what the problem is. I have a plate holder/rim on the rear plate, and no plastic cover. The front plate has a plain holder and a clear plastic cover. Neither obscure the plate, and you can see the registration sticker.

I know you are not a lawyer (unless you really are), but what part of the linked code might I be violating? I can’t even understand their outline system.

Here are pictures of the car:

The back plate looks like the bottom of the numbers are covered slightly by the frame. The code says the frame or cover can’t interfere with the “reading or recognition” of the plate by a “remote emission sensing device.” If these are supposed to be able to use Optical Character Recognition technology to actually read your plates, the cutting off of the numbers (no white space underneath them) might be a problem.

's the only thing I can think of.

I remember reading a short article about these suckers a few years back. Some large West Coast city was testing them. The cruiser just drove down the street and the oncoming traffic was being scanned continuously by the OCR reader on it’s roofmounted lightbar. The statistics were just staggering. The device was reading and checking the DMV registrations status of every car it saw and then beeping or otherwise alerting the officer driving when there was a stolen vehicle hit or expired registration hit. The city said that it could cut down dramatically on joyriding by using such a tool.

Never saw any followups.

I’ll bet ten bucks that city uses red-light cameras. If the camera can’t get a good image of the front plate, they can’t issue a citation.

Or, the cop was being a true dill-weed and had nothing better to do.