Explain the Atlantis the Palm "Half board" to me, please.

We’re going to Dubai at the end of this month for 10 days. We’re staying at the Atlantis the Palm.

I probably don’t have to tell you how expensive this place is.

There is a meal program there called “Half Board”. It apparently saves money.

But their website isn’t real clear about what exactly it is, and, more importantly, how much it is.

Does it just give discounts or are meals entirely included. Whats the overall price? How does this work?

If anyone here can explain it to me I’d appreciate it. We leave on the 16th.


From here.

You’re on your own for lunch and snacks.

I saw that. But it doesn’t say how much it is or what exactly is included. Does it include and entire meal, every day. And how much is it?

I’m sure I’ll find out when I get there, but I’d like to know how much to budget for.

Read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom. Extra fees for younger children and specifies 3 course or buffet at certain restaurants.
No mention of actual cost.

Half board typically is breakfast and dinner, every day, no additional cost (except alcohol). Full board includes lunch and other food.

They may have a half board menu at the restaurants, or a standard half board offering. You could call and get the details, but in general, you should be able to have full meals every day with no additional cost.

The old US term was “Modified American Plan.”

American Plan = all meals provided
Modified American Plan = Breakfast and dinner; on your own for lunch
European Plan = no meals.

The MAP was popular in areas where there were things to do and see. You didn’t want to cut your day short to get back for lunch. American Plan was at a place like Grossinger’s or other Catskill resorts where most people partake of activities on the hotel grounds.

I tried to. First couple of times the connection was so bad I couldn’t hear. Eventually I spoke with 3 seperate people whose accent was so heavy I have no idea what they told me. I had called about something else last week and spoke with a woman how had a beautiful British voice. Wish I could speak with her again. Maybe I will email them.

I guess I’m hoping to find someone whose been there and can tell me how much it cost.

It’s not a huge deal. Just something I’d like to know. We’re really getting psyched about the trip!

Thanks for the replies, folks. :slight_smile:

Typically board is purchased at the same time you book your room, not sure if you can purchase it as an add on.

The one thing I could understand from the people I spoke to yesterday is that you can purchase it upon check in. What I couldn’t understand were the prices and such they were rattling off in UAD, and then rattling them off in British Pounds, then USD, ect… Between all the numbers and the accents I understood nothing. One of the calls my wife did and even she said she couldn’t understand what she was just told.

I was surprised by the bad connections. I make international calls all the time and they usually sound great. :confused:

Upon check in they offered it. Breakfast and Dinner were about $150 per day per guest, or $300 per day for my wife and I. This would be $3K for the duration of our stay.

If this sounds crazy expensive, let me explain. On the night of our arrival at the Atlantis we went into a small restaurant on the lobby floor of the hotel. I had a chicken club sandwich with 2 bottles of Tiger beer.
My wife had a salad with tuna in it and 2 glasses of house white wine.

In my home area this meal, with tip, would be about forty to fifty dollars U.S., if that. With no tip it was $310 U.S.! Yep, that’s how much stuff costs at the Atlantis. So only paying $150 per guest for both breakfast and dinner on the half board program is a deal.

Except my wife and I rarely eat breakfast as we sleep in on vaca, and we ate many dinners while in the city. So we passed on the half board program. Prices were much lower in the city, though still expensive.

But the Atlantis is a huge resort. It has a crazy water park, beach front, and pools. Many, many shops and restaurants. I can see people not leaving the resort during their entire trip. For them, the half board is the way to go.

Dubai is very westernized. It is not an ancient city and does not have much of a “mystique” to it. We took a day trip to Abu Dhabi and found it not quite as commercialized as Dubai.

We did all of the hokey touristy things like ride camels, the desert safari, went up into Burj Khalifa, boat rides, museums, Hop on/off bus, etc… Did all those with our Turbo City Pass. Can’t stress enough how much of a value that thing is.

Had fun, but it wasn’t as thrilling as we thought it’d be. The Atlantis is a fantastic place. My recommendation is, Dubai is a nice place to visit for maybe 3-5 days TOPS. We stayed for 10 and by day 6 we were pretty board with it. Skies were always blue, temp never hit above 85.

But "Been there, done that’ is a nice thing to get to brag about, and we consider ourselves lucky to get to travel. Our country count is now at over 3 dozen.