Explain this anti-Moslem joke to me

It’s been awhile since I read it, but there is a Muslim in Stranger in a Strange Land.

This. I can’t think of any other alternative being correct.

Yeah, when I heard the joke it sounded to me as though it were gloating about impending genocide.


It’s most certainly a genocidal type joke, but it does cause one to wonder if at some point in the future were humanity to leave Earth if it would result in observant muslims to not participate because of their obvious terrestrial duties in regards to their faith. It would really be difficult for one to pray in the right direction and absolutely impossible to make the Hajj.

News flash: We’ve left Earth. Even if we haven’t gotten very far. And Muslim scholars have discussed some of the issues involved in extraterrestrial travel.

The Hajj is a requirement for those Muslims able to make the trip; if they can’t make it, OK. And when an Iranian-American astronaut left during Ramadan, she was told she could skip observance & make up for it later.

When I said left, I did mean in a more permanent sense.

“No X in science fiction” means there won’t be any in the future, aka genocide.
“No science fiction in X ['s culture]” means they live in the past.

I don’t see why it would be difficult to pray towards Mecca from somewhere off Earth. Just keep track of which way Earth is and face that way.