Explain this cartoon please

I don’t get it: https://s3.amazonaws.com/gs-geo-images/00a7dd2e-4cae-4b66-9abb-54af1ccde31a.jpeg

She thinks he’s asking her if she had sex with a Czech.


Czech Republic.

On preview, beaten to it, but I’ll post anyway.

It’s a pun, based on the woman’s misinterpretation of what the doctor is saying. Let’s change the spelling up a bit:

Doctor: “Have you had a Czech up miss?”

Woman: “No, doctor. I think he came from Spain.”

I presume that the use of “up” in this context means something like, “up to your apartment.”

My interpretation of “up” was slightly more adult.

Up inside her, more likely.

Ah, ok. The “up” threw me.

Well…I never…:smack:

Well, if a Czech had impregnated her, he also wouldn’t have stuck around. He’d’ve bounced.

I wish I could go back to Prague and pick up a little Czech.

Ba-dum-bum! TISH! :smiley:

Where are you from? It sounds very British to me. :cool:

And yeah, it’s up inside her.

You never had a Czech? I think I did, at least once.

Cxechs can come from Spain too. Just saying

When I was a kid it was apparently a thing to fax jokes around between business (somewhat like email today.) I remember one long, elaborate joke she brought home about a man with a strong country hick accent answering lots of questions from a divorce lawyer. The punchline was something like: Lawyer: “Is she a nagger?” Client: “Naw, but the baby is–that’s why I want a deevorce.”

As a chess player, I know all about Czech mates. :wink:

Czech your privilege.

The art style is very much the British saucy postcard style

Yes, indeed. Do they still make those?

My favorite (I got it back in the '70s) had a woman asking a disco-dancing Scotsman if anything was worn under his kilt:

*"What d’ye think, lassie? This is **swinging *Britain!" :cool:

The punchline I’d heard to “is anything worn under the kilt” was “Nae! ‘Tis all in good workin’ order!”

And, of course, there’s the old story-song culminating in “I dinnae where ye been, me lad, but I see ye’ve won first prize”.