Explain this cryptic recall notice from ford...

Safety Recall - Certain 1997-1998 Explorer and Mountaineer Vehicles Equipped with 4.0L SOHC Engine - Throttle Body Plate Sticking Closed

That is all it says. anyone know what problems this would cause?

(I entered my VIN and this is an active, open recall)

Any help is appreciated.

Throttle body plates like a butterfly valve on an old carbeurator. It lets air in and out. I imagine the worst it could do is make the engine run like crap. I guess it’s safety related if it makes the motor stall.

Recalls, you know, are free – so take it in.

Yeah I am taking it in. The engine HAS been running like crap and the idle is shaky and it sometimes cuts off if you let off the gas. I hope this is the problem.

A sticking throttle body plate could produce those symptoms.