Explain this football celebration: Spoon feeding

Watching the Georgia Tech - Miami college football game tonight, I once again noticed the football players doing some sort of stupid “acting like I’m spooning food into my/somebody else’s mouth” motion that I’ve seen in a number for games for the past month or two. The commentators noticed at one point, too, when a player was almost flagged for taunting because of it. The commentators then went on a little digression about it coming from some hip-hop video, but never got too detailed.

For the sake of fighting my ignorance on stupid pop-culture things that I should feel like I can explain why I find them obnoxious*, what the hell is up with that?

(And, yes, there is no need to point out that I’m being condescending, and that I’m condemning something without even understanding it. I get it.)
*Other than a general distaste for the Chad "Ocho-Cinco"s of sports spending more time coming up with outrageous celebrations than good play, and certainly far more than good sportsmanship, for the sake of desperately wanting five seconds on Sportscenter.