Explain this religious bumper sticker to me

You should use a Jewish translation to attempt to counter his point.

Yeah, “Adversary” is more accurate- “Accuser” less so.

Not sure if this applies in the Hebrew, but the Satan/Adversary title has been taken to mean that he holds a Prosecuting function in the Divine Court.

As to the “fall” of Satan, I won’t deny that the Isaiah 14 “Heylel ben Shahar” (KJV- “Lucifer, son of the Morning”) and the Ezekiel 28 “King of Tyre” passages may well apply there, tho they are not the primary meaning. Jewish opinion on the evilness of Satan varies. I would think that many Orthodox would hold to his evilness. Whatever his relation is to the Serpent of Eden is also debatable.

There is no Jewish translation of the Wisdom of Solomon. The original is in Greek, and it is not canonical in Jewish scripture.

My point exactly. Dio made a comment about Satan and the Old Testament and Judaism. What does the Wisdom of Solomon and a Christian translation of Job have to do with that?

  1. He said that “Satan is not evil in the OT”.
  2. The Book of Wisdom is part of the Old Testament.
  3. The Book of Wisdom says that Satan caused death to come into the world.

No it isn’t.

It’s part of the Catholic and Orthodox Old Testaments. It’s not part of the Protestant Old Testament, or the Jewish Tanakh.

It is in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox translations.

Which means it’s not part of the Hebrew Bible, which is what I mean when I refer to the “Old Testament,” especially as it pertains to Jewish beliefs.
Incidentally to Walloon, what makes you think that the “devil” referred to in Wisdom should be identified as the angel called Satan in the Hebrew Bible.

(Does anyone know how to fine the Greek text online? I’d like to see the Greek word translated as “devil” but I can’t find the text.)

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I had to wait until I got home before I could get this. Here is the modern Jewish English translation of Job 4:18 is: If He cannot trust his own servents and casts reproach on His angels,"