Explain this sign at the local church

What could this mean? Does it have something to do with abortion?

You’ve never heard the sentiment (or been told it by your parents), “I hope when you have kids, they treat you like you’ve been treating me”? The idea is that, even though your kids are total brats, they’ll get theirs, because when they have kids, their kids will be total brats to them.

wasnt that the Bill Cosby curse…?

I’m writing up an essay on this. It will be about 5 pages long so I will seperate it over several posts.

Nah just kidding. What are we debating here that is so “great”?
Maybe it’s more of a General Questions topic.

It’s meant to be humorous, Major. Sort of a Reader’s Digest quip thing…

I guess I got thrown because there sign are usually religious in nature. Sometimes they are political.

I meant to say:I guess I got thrown because their signs are usually religious in nature. Sometimes they are political.

coax, GD is the place for questions/debates of a religious nature. As this is a question of a religious nature, it is entirely justifiable to place it here as Major Kong has done. While the description of the forum is “This is the place for … if you feel you must, witnessing”, this forum has become more like a home for religious questions that do not fall into the “so what is everyone doing for christmas” category.

IMO, anyway:)