Explaining Spook Hills

See here. I’ve also heard them called “ghost hills.” These are places where cars in neutral appear to roll uphill. This website gives a pretty good explanation of the phenomenon. Basically, it’s as I’ve always thought: The actual slope of the surface is opposite to what it looks like.

I’ve never heard of those. Pretty neat.

If anyone’s near Scranton, here’s a place with a “spook creek”: it looks like the creek should be running from left to right on the map (i.e. away from you) when you’re on the road, but it’s coming toward you when you look to the east.


This is the one I’m thinking of.

I went there when I was a kid. Very entertaining.

Casa Magentica at Six Flags Over Texas (In Dallas) was always a fun place.

We’ve got one in San Antonio. It’s where a bunch of kids got killed by a train. Supposedly when you park on the tracks you get pushed uphill as well as having handprints appear on the trunk.

Just went to one a few weeks ago. It worked as advertised, but was really really lame. If you focused just on the road and not the surroundings you could see the road declining.

I’ve never experienced one first hand but am familiar with the concept. I read that article when it came out and it did an excellent job of explaining them.

I remember begging my folks to take us to one in Pennsylvania when I was a kid. They reluctantly went (it was a couple of bucks, and they thought it was a big waste of money). I thought it was incredibly cool, but my folks were unimpressed.

We took about a 30-minute detour off the interstate to see the Spook Hill in Lake Wales, Florida. They didn’t make a big deal of it. It was in the AAA guidebook, but we had to ask around to find it. It’s a one-lane street behind an elementary school, and there’s a little sign at each end. The illusion was okay, but the only spooky thing was the feeling I had that teachers and students were laughing at the tourist trying out the hill. :stuck_out_tongue:

I remember that! Yes, it was cool.

We’ve got one here in SoCal. Devil’s Canyon is a road that runs off of highway 18 on the way to Lake Arrowhead. No signs or anything. You just have to be local enough to find it. I sure thought that was keen when I was a kid.
Feh. Adulthood takes the fun out of everything.

Yep, there is a Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick. They built a whole theme park and zoo around it. Also, it’s next to Magic Mountain, a waterpark.

My parents took my younger brother and me when I was a pre-teen. Somehow, Dad got the instructions on the radio messed up, and we wound up going “up” it backwards - which spoiled the illusion thoroughly, and we were all rather unimpressed. But then we got out and fed the goats and went on the train ride and returned yearly. We never tried the spook hill again, though. It was ruined. :smack: