Exploding hot air balloons,eliminated at the World Series-rough week for the hometown

White Rock/South Surrey, BC usually manages to stay under the radar. We walk on our beachfront paths, eat our fish 'n chips and stay out of trouble. Last week was good- we beat Saudi Arabia at the Little League World Series (then got busted by Japan later in the week, but c’est la vie)
This weekend sucked a bit more. Hot air balloon explodes and crashes, killing 2. Time to go to the pub for more chips. :frowning:

I’ve been seeing that on the news. You’re a bit closer than I, but it’s still just a few miles from here.

Usually in aviation accidents there is a chain of events that causes it. Sometimes it’s a series of actions by people involved. Other times it’s a mechanical problem that should have been noticed and addressed. Sometimes something just breaks (leading to the question why did it break?). The fire could have been caused by a gas leak. Why? Faulty valve? Faulty burner? If so, was it a manufacturing defect? Improper use? But yeah, it’s pretty obvious ‘something went wrong’.

I just noticed that in the article I linked: Canadian Press spelled ‘British Columbia’ wrong(the photo caption). No wonder the West is perpetually pissed at Eastern Canada :smiley:

You get a lot of South American immigrants?

Not enough to warrant respelling the province!

I linked an article in another thread from The Vancouver Sun. The link came from an email I received from our community’s Chairperson. The title was ‘FYI van cover sun’.

BC: the other Col*mbia…

(Usually said with respect to illegal drug imports into the USA, both marijuana and prescription…)

We do have an amazing number of hydroponic supply stores…

That accident is quite a tragedy. It’s been a rough couple weeks for ballooning in Canada. We had an accident two weeks ago where a pilot who I know was burned quite severely. It’s a really small community up here, and I’m betting the shockwaves from these two accidents are going to be felt for a very long time.

Up, up and away-heey, in my beautiful, my beatiful, ballooooon :frowning: