Exploding Whale Memorial Park

Well, everyone’s got an opunion.

So… What IS the recommended method for dealing with a huge, rotting whale carcass?

A Google search turned up this NY Times article from 2016 pondering the right course of action for a 70,000 pound dead whale that washed ashore of a California beach, of course noting the 1970 Exploding Whale Incident of Florence, Oregon as a “what not to do”, but also noting that that whale had been an “eight ton” carcass - which is “only” 16,000 pounds. This one was SEVENTY thousand!

Despite it being 1970, at least nobody in Florence had done this:

What, no crystals?

According to the OC Register, here’s what eventually happened: a contractor took care of it over two days with heavy equipment.

So, take note: pierce the carcass with holes to “off-gas” before cutting it up into pieces.


Blubber Leaves Mammal.

That’s all I got.

This is more dangerous than it sounds. This guy was lucky.

They prolly shoulda named it Exploded Whale Memorial Park.

Unless they’re planning on periodic re-enactments. :whale:

Here’s a couple of other (naturally) exploding whales.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRI5l4LTrAk . All the action is between 2:10 & 2:45; the rest is pretty much nothing happening. But it’s a nice intro to putrefaction-induced whale-bursts.

This one is a much better whale-burst. And better edited to boot: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aicIbUvE5tw

Such fun. YouTube has a few more for the connoisseurs of whale bursts amongst us.

It’s like Mother Nature has a pimple.

Not quite on topic, but I remember going to a beached and very dead California Grey whale in San Luis Obispo County, CA back when I was a graduate student. We were collecting tissue samples, and I vividly remember the smell, but even worse were the giant whale lice that were abandoning the carcass. Huge things related to sowbugs but with stabby legs and predatory looking mouthparts…and they were crawling toward me. Aaarrrhhhhh!

Don’t remember the ultimate fate of the carcass for sure, but I think it was towed out to sea.

I like the way you think. Annual Exploding Whale Days with fun activities for the whole family!

It’s Florence. Trust me when I say that there are crystals.