Exploding Whale News Clip---Help?

A few months ago, someone posted a clip or a link to one that was a news clip from the '70s about a community trying to dispose of a large dead whale on the beach. The bright idea was to pack one SHIT-LOAD of dynamite under the thing to “vaporize” it. Instead, it sent 100 lb. chunks of rotting whale meat flying through the air over a mile radius.

I thought I had saved this, but I guesss I didn’t because it was huge. I was describing this to some friends this week and we were cracking up about it, but I can’t find the clip and key-word searches have proven fruitless.

Please, if anyone knows of the whereabouts of this clip, please be so kind as to post. I’ll be your best friend and you’ll be a hero!

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  • Wm Harris


Hope it cures what ails ya!

Thanks a bunch, new best friend! I feel like an idiot–I was scouring the SDMB database instead of just trying the web directly. God, I love the Internet.

The link to the actual clip from their page didn’t work, but I’ll try again later.

You are indeed the hero of the day. Thanks again.

It helps to be riding fiber at work. Sometimes, I can download so fast that I could swear I go backward in time.

Here it is, in .MOV format. it is 12mb, so don’t bother if you are on a modem.

Crazy stuff.

That movie taught me some important lessons in life. 1. I can build a robot that loves me. 2. I can reanimate my dead girlfriend by jamming bits of metal and silicon into her skull. Both are lessons I use on a daily basis…

In the 70s? I coulda sworn I was living in Oregon when that happened… I remember when Dave Barry first started reporting on it. Whale chunks everywhere, right in my back yard.

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