Woo Hoo! Yay! Rotting Whale Party!

No, it isn’t a band name, it’s a news story.

On a whim, we decided to take a stroll along the beach at Lee-on-the-Solent this evening, but on arrival, we had trouble parking and noticed a huge flock of people standing by the slipway, looking out to sea.

Two tugs were manouevering the bloated carcass of a dead fin whale in the shallows; a construction ‘claw’ machine was tugging on a cable, trying to get the thing ashore.

But the oddest thing is… there was this really weird, party atmosphere.

Once they get it to shore, they could always blow it up to dispose of it. That’s always loads of fun.

Such as … http://perp.com/whale/video.html


Whew! For a sec I thought this going to be another one of your “Can I cook it? Sure I can!” theads.

I am greatly disappointed. If I open a thread about **Mangetout’s ** rotting whale party, I want to see recipes! Cooking a beached whale? It’s hard enough getting the sand out of leeks. Anyway, perhaps these will satisfy:




Sorry, I have no rotting whale recipes - British food may have a reputation for being nasty, but we have to draw the line somewhere.

BTW, to get sand out of your leeks, make a single cut lengthways, leaving the root and about half an inch of stem intact - you’ll be able to separate the layers and rinse out the dirt under the tap.

You think it’s strange now? Imagine explaining to your grandchildren how this eventually became a local holiday.

I mean, assuming. :slight_smile:

Everybody whale chum tonite

Weird. I just now read a passage in my book where a group of Vikings dug up some whale liver - no, wait…it was shark. But this thread is about whales, so let’s pretend it’s a whale - that they had buried months earier to rot, and ate it greedily like a wonderful delicacy.

Oh, rotten, exhumed shark liver is fine, with a bit of salt and pepper and vinegar, but like I said, I draw the line at bloated decomposing whale - it isn’t the same thing.

BTW, here is the follow-up story; it took them four hours to dispose of the thing - it was bloody huge - just as a scale comparison - the claw of that grab machine is about the height of an average man.