The night of the cetacean zombies

Complete MPSIMS

Just heard it in the news, a dead whale run ashore in Punta del Este (150 Km to the east from here); a large animal, 25 tons and smelling bad already. Since blowing it up has been proven to be a bad idea (we´ve all seen the video, haven´t we?) it was up to the navy to come with an alternative. They tied the whale to a ship and towed it 50 kilometers into the sea. They didn´t get quite that far, they lost the body when it broke loose of the ties.

Next day the whale was back… :eek:

It ran ashore again very close to where it was first found, now it´s been buried in the sand to rot. I just hope that next Summer we won´t have an undead whale stalking the tourist on the beaches.

Why not cut that whale into small chunks and send to USA, we are still hungry. :wink:

Ok…hold the phone here a minute. I’m hijacking my reply before I even get it started.

Ya see, I was going to offer up a clever response, complete with a link to the infamous Exploding Whale.

But when I ran a Yahoo search on “exploding whale”, I came across Gee, ya think someone just might be registering domains based on popular search terms and automatically posting said search term into a generic script?


This is obviously just a covert power-play by the Great Queen Spider.

Jeez…what are those guys smoking?

Sorry, wrong thread. :smack:

Indeed, what are you smoking? :stuck_out_tongue:

Nonpolar, if you´re still hungry I can dig out a good chunk of 100%*** putrified, stinking whale meat to send to you, bon apetit.

May not be 100% whale meat, serving can contain any or all of the following: magots, crabs, jellyfish, sea weeds, sand and monosodic glutamate

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the whale came back
It wouldn’t stay away.
It was rotting on the beach
The very next day.
The whale came back,
It wanted to be found,
The very next day it had run aground.


What’s the right thread?

News Flash Sheik Al-Sumide’I reveals the secret weapon of the insurgents

The answer is obvious; you should have a Rotting Whale Beach Party! Yay!


You horrible, horrible person you.

Do you have any idea how much therapy it took for me to forget that damn song existed?!? S’gonna be stuck in my head for weeks again…

Thanks !
ALE, with that much meat ,you culd open restaurant. :smiley: .

With a Zombie Farnkie Avalon, & a Zombie Annette Funichello, I suppose.