Expressions that annoy the hell out of you?

The expression “same difference” as in:

Sally: What time is it?
Bill: 9 o’clock
Fred: 9:02
Bill: Ah, same difference!

I just hate that expression. Don’t really have an explanation why.

What expression drives you insane?


“Not for nothing”

Ever since my sister moved to New Jersey, she has started to say it all the time (is that phrase common over there). Before her, I have never heard that ever. And I’m still not sure what it means. She doesn’t even know she says it, I have taken counting the number of times she says it. What gets me is, after I’m around her for a while, I start to say it. I mean, not for nothing…

“Whatevers clever”

“Talk to the hand, 'cuz the face ain’t hearing it.”

“That’s my baby daddy.”

“True dat.”



Okay. I actually like “beeyoth” but only when I say it.

All things being equal. (Used when arguing an opposing position)

We’ll agree to disagree (I’m a pussy and you nailed me but I won’t admit it)

I don’t particularly like that expression either (it’s a bit too corporate committee), but in fairness it can also be used to mean (esp. with a patronising smile): "I’m bloody well right, you dodging cockhead. You know it, I know it, but as I can see you are too shitscared to admit it, and as subsequent events are going to prove me right anyway, I’m going to consider you a waste of time, bid you good day, and go to the pub to get wasted.

“I could care less.” Well, actually, hypothetical speaker, you *couldn’t * care less, but you can’t be bothered to say it right.

I don’t see the difference in the two definitions.

And really, I could care less. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s fine when it’s used properly, but when people use it to enhance something, it sounds ridiculous.

“I drove a million miles. Literally.”

My boss says this, LITERALLY, a million times a day. My favorite was when two people quit on the same day. She was a wreck, and told me she had been LITERALLY raped.

Not always. Sometimes this phrase can mean, “You’re a dick and I totally nailed you but you’re obviously too dense or too proud to admit you’re wrong, and since we’re not going to get anywhere I’m going to be the bigger person here and quit fighting.” Heh.

The one that makes me want to scream is “anywho.” I freaking hate anywho. It’s just so cutesy and banal, and GOD does it drive me nuts.


My bad!

Many years on and it’s still like a cheese grater on my brain.

'nuff said.

“At this point in time…”

That is redundant! It is either “At this point…” OR “At this time…”!

I was taught that “At this point in time” is also technically incorrect, as time is not measured in points.

Ooh, I just thought of another one, although it’s a battle that my husband tells me I’m losing (and I suspect he’s probably right): people using “unique” as if there were varying degrees of uniqueness. “This is a very unique opportunity.” No, it’s not! Either something is unique, or it’s not. It’s like pregnancy – either you are or you aren’t. A thing cannot be sort of unique, or not very unique, or extremely unique.

Again, though: it’s a battle that I know I’m losing. sigh

When people misuse “panned out” so that it means something good.

It’s a gold mining term. When you’ve panned out, you’re out of gold and have to go look for more.

“Back in the day”

WHAT day??? How 'bout November 3, 1755?

This phrase LITERALLY makes my head explode.


'Nuff said.

Heck, you could almost be reading my mind. I came to the thread to complain about anywho and decided to respond to Duffer. Since you did such a good job, I’ll leave it with you.

It’s a bad habit. You’ll break it. It’s easy to keep doing it when EVERYONE and their UNCLE do it. Just substitute “different” for “unique” and you’ll be fine.

“You go girl!!”
“Hey girlfriend!!”

These Oprah-isms drive me nuts.