Expulsion from Congress

So now Rep. Jim Traficant has been found guilty of bribery. Reports state that other Congressmen/women are asking him to resign, lest they move forward with proceedings for his ouster.

These reports also say that only one person has been kicked out of Congress since the Civil War. Who was this unfortunate legislator?

Adam Clayton Powell Jr.

He was stripped of his seat in the house in 1967 for a number of things, like misuse of public funds and ignoring a court order. He was readmitted in 1969 after winning a special 1967 and regular 1968 elections, but stripped of his seniority and chairmanship. The U.S. Supreme Court declared his original expulsion unconstitutional in 1969.

Actually, that’s not the case. Ozzie Myers is the only person to have been expelled from Congress after 1862. An odd guy, he was involved in Abscam and refused to resign even though there was overwhelming evidence against him. He went to jail for a while then disappeared off the map. Nobody knows where he is now, he could be dead. Because Powell wasn’t successfully expelled he isn’t the one they’re talking about.

Michael Myers! <slaps head> Damnitt, you’re right. I stand corrected.