'Extinct' sea bird found after 80 years

The Beck’s petrel, not observed since the 1920s.

MMMmMMmm…! Them’s good eatin!

That is very cool. I hope to read a similar article soon about the ivory-billed woodpecker here in the U.S.

Ask and ye shall receive!


Yah, but the jury’s still out on that one.

And actually, the Beck’s petrel was rediscovered back in 2006, by someone different. This guy here is just the guy who headed an expedition to go follow up on that sighting. Plus this guy has actual pix, which nobody chasing the ivory-billed woodpecker in either Florida or Arkansas has, beyond the blurry Big Woods video.

Which makes the Ivory-Bill only slightly more elusive than Bigfoot.

In related news, there’s a wolverine in the Sierra Nevadas years after it was thought to be gone from that region.


Sure, I’m familiar with this. However, the sighting is not conclusive.