Extinction of large prehistoric Mammals

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I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of some sights that might contain good information on the extinction of prehistoric mammals. I’ve tried using google, but most of the sights either A. Seem to try to exclusivly implicate humans and overhunting or B. Focus entirly on how it wasn’t our fault. It seems ridiculus to think that it could only have been one thing, and seems (to me) to have been far more likely to have been a combination. (note, not trying to start a debate, just looking for some good links)

Well, this is an ongoing debate. Most discussions are going to favor one side or another. Most sites on the internet tend to be rather superficial, and it may be difficult to find a balanced view. You may have to go to the original literature to find an in-depth discussion.

This site presents information and references on 13 different hypotheses on the extinction of the North American Megafauna, ranging from human hunting to disease to a supernova to environmental change. You might try finding some of the listed references.

I agree with Colibri. This is a very contentious issue and there seems to be a dichotomy between the human induced extinction crowd and the natural process crowd. Given that this process occuured over at least 4 continents over a period of 50, 000 years or more neither side is likely to be entirely correct. A search of the original literature is going to be the best bet, and there is plenty avaialable form both sides and even a few moderates that acknowledge a combination of processes.