extra fee on blank tapes or cds?

In a thread about computers and new MP3 laws, someone said this (to explain high cost of blank tapes):

Is this true? Is it also true for CDs (as someone else asserted)? If so, how did such a law get passed, and on what level (state, federal)? I can’t see how this kind of law would be allowed, it seems like it would effectively allow a private organization to tax another private organization. Perhaps it is a voluntary agreement? And if it is true, where do the royalties go?

Yes, it’s true, and yes you do pay a fee for blank CDs, assuming they are the audio type.

This is from memory, so the letters may be wrong, but I believe it’s called the AHRA (American Home Recording Act) or something like that. If you check out RIAAs website, they’ll have links to the act.

Remember, NEVER use audio CDRs when you burn music CDs on your PC. The 50-cents-each varienty will work just fine.

Those audio CDRs are required by stand alone CD recorders. It is an evil plot to get RIAA more money. Even if you use it to burn a CD of yourself making fart sounds, they get money.

Audio Home Recording Act