Extradition Treaties - What would happen in this senario?

You commit rape in country A.

You immediately leave country A and fly to country B where you commit murder.

Then you travel immediately to country C where you’re arrested.

Would you be extradited to the countries to stand trial in order of the crimes committed, or to the countries in order of seriousness of crime?

Hope this makes sense, or is it a stupid question? Lol

The order in which the crimes are committed and the nature of the crime is irrelevant. You will be extradited in the order in which the extradition requests are processed. That will in turn depend upon which country lodged the extradition request first, how complicated the extradition arrangements are, how successful any legal finagling such as challenges and appeals get and a whole lot of other factors.

So, for example, if country A takes a few weeks to get enough evidence to submit a request but country B has eyewitnesses and gets their request in first, B will get you first. But if B makes a mistake in the paperwork and has to resubmit, then A gets you first. But if the extradition treaty with A requires a personal consultation between the prosecutor and the ambassador, and the ambassadorial post if currently vacant, then B gets you. But if you appeal to the courts against the extradition to B, then A will get you first. But if A tortures prisoners and country C demands that they rule out torturing you before you will be extradited and those negotiations take time, then A will get you.

And so on and so forth. There’s no hard and fast rule on this. Every case is going to be unique.

Politics might rear its ugly head as well. If country C doesn’t like country B, then they might decide to extradite you to country A, even if country B put in its request first. Country B would then have to file a request with country A.

Further complicated if B wants to execute you for murder, and C has no death penalty and a policy of not extraditing for possible death penalties.

No doubt the secretaries/ministers of state for A and B will have frank discussions with the attorney-general of C.

Plus, are you a citizen of Country C? if so, Country C may not be willing to extradite you at all, but only try you itself for the two crimes.