Extreme bad judgement...

Let me get this straight–this woman is convicted for having sex with teenage boys so that she would be perceived as a “cool mom”, and the day before her sentencing, allows an underage driver to drive her SUV! The 14-year old underage driver then rolls the vehicle off a highway embankment, and just to top things off, she and her children (all passengers in the vehicle) are seriously injured because only the driver was wearing a seatbelt!

Talk about bad judgement!


You’ll get more responses if you provide a link that works.

It worked for me. Here is a Denver Post link you could try.

This woman is a piece of work. Just being in the car with those kids violated about 57 court orders.


  1. It does work.

  2. Even if it didn’t, it’s not like it’s even an embedded link. The whole address is right there in front of you.

  3. If you feel so compelled to comment, why don’t you try to be helpful and post a correction instead of just being snarky?

It’s working for me now, although it wasn’t earlier.

Good grief! How many bad decsions can one make in a row? Good think there is no law against being flat out stupid.

Right–I didn’t even mention the part about her violating a restraining order barring her from having contact with her children (who were injured in the crash).

Bad judgment, my ass! That woman is dumber than a bag of carrots.

I thought you said Toonces could drive!!

Don’t drive angry.

Stacey’s mom doesn’t have it going on.

Maybe it’s just me, but my first thought was that considering the timing of this accident, and the fact that she had her kids in the car - maybe she was trying to get them all killed (herself included) in some twisted murder/suicide thing, involving wrestling the wheel from the driver suddenly, or something like that. I hope and, in fact, suspect that this wasn’t the case, but it just seemed very fishy at first glance.

Hey…be nice to carrots.

Except Carrot Top. You can insult him all you want.