Extreme Makeover Home Edition: Where's Paul?

Anyone know what’s happened to Paul DiMeo? We’ve got a cute new Brit carpenter, Ed, but I love Paul! There’s no news on the ABC site; Paul’s still listed in the cast credits, but there’s no explanation for why he isn’t in tonight’s episode.


I saw him on a new reality show being advertised, but I didn’t catch it’s name. :wally me

Am I the only one who was a little put off that they couldn’t find a more deserving family than one who’d been stupid enough to not properly insure their frickin’ house?

Well, there’s deserving and there’s deserving.

My own family lost a home to a fire that started two houses over and spread. It had been in our family for six generations; the actual homeowner had it insured, and allowed her daughter to live there rent free on the condition she maintain the place, pay all utility bills and keep up the insurance. Well, her daughter got laid off and let the insurance policy lapse when times got tight, so there was no coverage when the fire struck. Her mother wound up selling the place way below market value and her daughter, husband and daughter now live in a trailer park somewhere sponsored by the family church. Everyone in our family is just sick it happened.

Had EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION been around six years ago, you bet your bippy I would have written them. I imagine our hard luck tale is more common than you’d imagine.