Extreme weight loss and loose skin

Someone I know has recently lost 150 lbs (about 11 stone) in the space of a year.

He / she has done it sensibly through exercise and diet, but the weight has dropped off v. quickly.

He / she now has a load of loose skin, particularly under the arms and around the tummy.

Does the skin shrink to fit the new body shape, or does once stretched does it remain that size?

How long would it take to get back to “normal” (ie. in proportion to the new, lower weight)?

It depends.

Skin will shrink to some extent at any age, but the older you are the less it shrinks and the more slowly it shrinks.

Past a certain point stretched skin stays stretched, at which point only surgery can remove it. This should be done only after extensive consultation with a plastic/reconstructive surgeon, who will be able to examine the person in question thoroughly before making judgements about their individual case.

My friend is mid-20s so the skin should still be reasonably elastic (I would imagine).

I’ve also heard that the more weight you lose, the more likely you’ll need surgery. I’ll second Broomstick’s recommendation of a consultation with a surgeon.

I’m no expert in this area, but what about weight training? Something that can build up muscle to replace some of the lost fat mass?

Bump, 'cuz this fat boy in his mid-thirties wants some options. The weight I’m losing is definitely making the belly wobble.

I just saw a program on this. For some people (like Oprah) the skin shrinks and all is well. For others, the skin will always be stretched out. There is a procedure called the “body lift” where they cut a section out of your middle and then sew the skin back together. They do the same on arms and legs. It is very high-risk surgery because of the chance of infection. It is very painful and very expensive.
http://www.infoplasticsurgery.com/bodyphotos.html shows pictures and gives information on exactly what’s going on.

I suggest your friend speak to a surgeon and get the scoop from someone who knows the details. This makes lipo look like getting a manicure. Good luck to him!