Eye, nose, mouth [as entry for germs] special list?

Are we more likely to get sick from a germ in our eyes, nose or mouth? Virus? Bacteria? Maybe it’s 2 different questions for these. Is one of these significantly less likely? Is there another possibility as common?

Where’s the list?

I will try to be more clear. I realize they are connected with a passage.

For a virus:
Is it more likely to get sick thru the eyes, nose, or mouth?
Which is least likely?

For a bacteria:
Is it more likely to get sick thru the eyes, nose, or mouth?
Which is least likely?

Are there other entrances in the human body as common as these 3?
Skin abrasions?
Lower body?

I read somewhere that the commonest way to get sick with a cold virus is from the hands rubbing the eyes, with the virus traveling down the tear duct. But I read somewhere else that it is from inhaling viruses in droplets through the nose and having them deposit on the rear surface of the airway, in the pharynx. No cites, and I would like to have better info.

Let’s assume no touching. Certainly that is critical and depends on the person. One difference is that eyes are passive. There is no wind moving in and out. Does this matter?

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There aren’t a whole lot of airborne diseases, unless you count pathogens in aerosolized particles.

Well, both the mouth & the nose are exposed to more germs, due to the constant airflow. The mouth has the additional intake of food & water, which can contain germs. The eye has only tear ducts, which are mainly outflow.

But both the mouth & nose have mechanisms to fight germs. The mouth leads to the stomach, with pretty stron digestive acids there to destroy germs. And the lungs have phlegm to catch contimants, coughing reflex, etc. The eye has little such protective mechanism.

So it’s probably a wash – the moutn & nose are exposed to more germs, but have correspondingly more defenses.

Once thru the eye ducts, don’t those germs have to go thru the mouth and nose defense mechanisms anyway? With the exception of pink eye?

The eyes have no mechanism to fight germs past the tear ducts? Certainly not as much in the eyes themselves as the mouth or nose. I worded the question funny. As the germs move past the tear ducts, doesn’t the body fight them as well as if they entered thru the nose?