Eye problems. Experiences with lens removal?

I’ve had a long and sordid history of eye disorders, starting with acute attacks of glaucoma when I was a teenager, then onto some intermediate uveitis (pars planitis) and cystoid macular edema.

Last year, after 15 years of being glaucoma free (after surgical intervention), the opthalmologist detected that my pressures were up again. Initially this was put down to the aftereffects of steroid injections to control the pars problems, but at my latest visit last week, the pressures were still up so the Doc started muttering something about lens removal to reduce the pressures. :eek:

Of course, as soon as I had gotten home from the appointment I googled like a motherfuck to find out what he was on about. And it does seem like a straightforward and relatively benign procedure…from the med websites anyway.

But now I turn to my esteemed dopers for the real story on lens removal.

All testimonies welcome, the good, the bad, and the really really gory. :smiley:

Haven’t had personal experience with lens removal, but I work in an optometry library, where we have an extensive ophthalmology collection.

From what I’ve read & what I’ve heard from the doctors, lens removal is so common that it’s pretty routine.

Any idea what method your surgeon wants to use, and whether s/he’ll be implanting an artificial lens to replace yours? Or will you need to use external corrective lenses instead?

P.S. you need to put another H in your ophthalmologist. Don’t make your ophthalmologist angry before surgery! :smiley: