Eyeglass cleaner cloths the same as moist towelettes?

Seems to me that both the packets of lens cleaner cloths and the packets of moist towelettes are essentially water, isopropyl alcohol, maybe some detergent and fragrance. Are they really as similar as I think? Can I use restaurant supplied moist towelettes to clean my glasses (as long as I do not mind the frequent lemon scent) ? Is there something about the cloth itself that might advise against this?

Just trying to see through the marketing. :smiley:

I can’t say for sure, but all the glass cleaning cloths I’ve seen are dry. I’d be very leery of using alcohol on a lens with any kind of coating, or one made of plastic, as it might eat into the coating or the lens.

Well, I don’t know. Either the alcohol isn’t detrimental to the scratch resistant coating or my most recent glasses have a really good coating. I’ve had the pair I have now for about 2 years, and it has by far the fewest scratches of any pair of glasses I’ve worn in 40+ years. To clean them, I run them under really hot tap water for awhile, then take one of the aforementioned little packet lens cleaner cloths to them. If it comes to it, I can mention the brand names, but I want the OP to be as generic as possible.

Every time I go the the ophthalmologist I am given a little bottle of lens cleaner that is just a spray bottle with water and isopropyl alcohol in it.

My eye docs have always geven me soft dry cloths and instruction not to use anything but water. But I would presume if it cam from the eye doc it would be safe for the lens.

If there’s any difference, I’d bet that the ordinary moist towelettes will shed more bits of fiber and lint on your glasses, which defeats the purpose a bit. Proper lens cleaning tissues/cloth won’t leave any lint on the lens. Now, I don’t know if that holds for the cloths you’re talking about… they very well could be rebranded moist towelettes.

BTW, I’ve found coffee filters to be excellent cleaning cloths for any uses which speciify ‘lint free’ cloths, including cleaning my glasses.

When I got my glasses, they gave me a small spray bottle of “lens cleaning solution”. The receptionist told me to refill it with water and add 1 drop of dish soap. Works great!

I get these jugs of screen wipes for my computer that comes with a cute little blue microfiber cloth, and that cloth is great for my glasses - no water, alcohol or anything just use the cloth on my glasses. I used to use the little individually packaged alcohol towelettes from a major eye glasses chain, but discovered the microfiber cloth works just as well and i have spares from my screen wipes bottles.