EYES [and character]

Is the difference in the eyes of a person significant in any way such as revealing the true character of a person?

Here are Paul McCartney, Jack Lord and Dodger owner Frank McCourt.

Their right eyes look “normal” but their left eyes make them look sinister.


So is there a subtle right eye vs left eye (good vs evil) thing in all of us which is very noticeable in these three?

No. People just aren’t perfectly symmetrical is all.


Questions of good vs evil are probably better dealt with in IMHO than in GQ. I have also edited the title to better indicate the subject.

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I might be going out on a limb here, but I don’t believe that Paul Macartney or Jack Lord are known for being faithful servants of Satan.

It doesn’t make them look sinister. They all have a droopy eye. So what?

I also have a droopy eyelid (ptosis). In fact one of my eyes is nearsighted and the other is farsighted; and they each have a differently angled astigmatism. Actually, there is no part of my body that is symmetrical. Even my fingers are different lengths in each hand.

And yes, half of me is the spawn of Satan.

I question the premise - I don’t think any of those men look ‘sinister’ when I cover their right sides up on my monitor. Sure they look different, with droopier eyes. And the contrast with the ‘bright eyed’ side is striking. But even if they all had two droopier eyes they’d just look like people. Perhaps slightly less attractive or engaging people, but not sinister or ‘evil’

I’m not sure about making people look more sinister, but asymmetry in faces is usually considered unattractive (symmetry implying health, I suppose).

I see what you did there.