EZ-Pass didn't read the transponder

I have an EZ-Pass so that the tolls are automatically charged to my MasterCard. It has worked every time except once, last Saturday, on the Massachusetts Turnpike. The light flashed “no toll paid”. I’m sure they took a picture of the car so they have my license plate. What’s probably going to happen?

Having just purchased one I still have my handy dandy pamphlet. Apparently–you are supposed to pay the attendant if it’s a normal lane and if it’s an EZ-Pass only lane you are supposed to drive through and then call the customer service center ASAP. I’d recommend calling them now to ask them about it. I doubt anything bad will happen–they’ll probably just deduct the amount from your account.
The number is:

They also say that if this happens because you forgot to make a payment you can be charged an administrative fee. Since you’re using a credit card it’s not likely to happen–they probably just need to make sure your tag is still working.

For a first offense, you should just get a letter saying pay up.

It wasn’t an “offense”. The EZ-Pass was on the windshield where it’s been for the past two months. It’s not my fault the machine did not read the device.

I’ve been through exact change toll booths a couple of times when the “change bucket” didn’t recognize I had paid. A little siren goes off along with a flashing light (oh boy, what do I win!?), that’s about it. Never heard anything more, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Last I heard (about a month ago) all the cameras on EZ-Pass booths on the Mass Pike were turned off.

Here in NJ they’ve had EZ-Pass on the NJ Turnpike for a few weeks now. Already the system has failed me twice. I’d like to think that I won’t be overcharged, but come on! These systems are usually set up so that if anything goes wrong, the consumer pays. Or has to suffer through hours of agita to get things straightened out. We’ll see, but I’ve gotten used to the idea of paying a few extra bucks in overcharges to avoid the wait. And EZ-Pass has really cut down on my commute time.

What happens next depends on where your “home territory” is; if it’s in Massachusetts, they’ll just deduct your toll as usual. If not, and the Massachusetts system isn’t linked yet with your regular EZ-Pass agency, you’ll get a letter from the Mass Turnpike people asking you to pay. You should be able to avoid any administrative fees by showing that you have an EZ-Pass account elsewhere already.

This happened to me once while the NYC MTA system was not yet linked up with the NYS Thruway system. It’s a minor annoyance at best, really; they do realize that occasional glitches will happen. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.

There was a story in the Providence Journal a few weeks ago about the EZ Pass system on the Pike. Apart from the Turnpike Authority losing some millions of dollars a year on the system, the cameras didn’t work. There was apparently a memo regarding the cameras floated through the Turnpike Authority with some statement along the likes of “don’t let the public know, but if you go fast enough through the EZ Pass lanes, the camera won’t pick you up.” After that memo, the cameras were supposedly turned off. The story was a few weeks ago, and http://www.projo.com doesn’t have it online anymore. Pity.

Is the Pike an EZPass affiliate? Last I saw (tonite :)) they were still using SpeedPass. I know they support NY EZ-Pass as well, but I think “SpeedPass” is a seperate system. You might have to call a different customer service number.

Masspike (and the MassPort tunnels) accepts EZ-Pass. Since you have to PAY for the Massachusetts SpeedPass transponder, I opted for the NY/NJ EZ-Pass which is free.

Does the Sumner Tunnel now accept EZ-Pass? Last time I went through there was no electronic toll taking there.

I’m hoping that will happen with me. Monday, I overslept a LOT(as in 4 hours) and drove in once the boss called to wake me up. I normally take the train in. I tossed my $.50 into the exact change thing on GA400(I had checked before I left the house to make sure I had the exact change), and it never changed from “stop and pay toll” to “go”. I don’t know how to go about protesting anything, but if it comes up, I’m sure they have tapes of me stopping, tossing, then sitting there for a good minute waiting for the thing to change. Maybe that will help.

The other day well Night actully I was getting on the GSP and went through an EZ-Pass lane at the required 5mph. The Sign that lights up saying EZ Pass Paid didn’t light up. This has been the first time it has failed me. I’m waiting for the ticket for failure to pay so I can fight it.

I just thought I’d make this correction: The Pike uses FastLane, not SpeedPass, as I had suggested earlier. SpeedPass is the Mobil gas keytag. Carry on.

I’m a NYC EZ-Pass offender. Currently, my account is at something like -$20.20. It got low, and I never got around to sending in another check (I don’t use auto. credit card deduction). I suppose I should. I’ve paid cash the last few times.

They just keep sending me the ordinary bills. No threats, summonses, etc.

I have EZ-Pass here in NJ and it hasn’t failed yet. They charge my credit card when it gets low and to be honest I don’t even look to see if it says Toll Paid or not. As far as I know, if it does fails you’re just supposed to keep going anyway so you don’t block traffic.

Before I got EZ-Pass I went through the EZ-Pass only lanes a few times by accident. This was just after it was installed and I wasn’t paying attention.
I never received any notices in the mail.