F-16 aiding search for Holloway?? Incredible!


I couldn’t agree more … maybe now, CNN can give more important stories the air time they deserve, e.g., London Terrorist attacks, the hunt for the bombers, potential copycat attacks in the states, G-8 meeting, well, the list can go on and on.

Can’t they just look for the circling buzzards?
But I understand. She is missing and she is cute. Those kids in ID, not that cute. Sure, we’ll take about them when they are found but we didn’t get a media circus when TWO kids went missing in ID because they weren’t that cute.

Not if she’s decomposing. All that bacterial action creates some heat. That’s why they can use thermal imaging technology to find dead bodies hidden on land.

If she’s in the ocean, I dunno. If she’s in water, I would think she’d be ambient temp, but I can’t say because I’ve never seen that on Forensic Files.

It’s sad. I agree with you completely, but man that’s so sad.

When I saw her picture, I thought “I wonder if she’d be getting all this attention if she wore glasses”

My inability to remember the last time a young woman went missing for an extended amount of time and turned up alive. See also: the glut of similar media cases, inc. but not limited to Laci Peterson and Chandra Levy.

Well it’s sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy: we’d find more than a handful of people who go missing for an extended time if we didn’t assume that they were dead, or ran off with a random handyman messiah.* It’s just that society has to decide whether it’s worth it in these cases, or whether we should spend our resources in helping people in other ways. But at least two cases in the past 4 years is decent, since I wouldnt think there was more than a couple dozen high profile disappearances in that time. That’s around a %10 recovery rate!

*Band name!

Even when these people are dead, we don’t quit looking for them, as evidenced thoroughly by the efforts discussed here. It’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy at all. Laci Peterson was dead before she was even reported missing. So was Chandra Levy. If these cases didn’t turn into such a blur of hype and bullshit, I could probably think of others. If there are jets and the US Navy and more looking for Natalee Holloway, plainly there is no self-fulfilling prophecy at work because nobody has given up. Aruba is a tiny island with population of barely 100,000. If they’ve been combing it for almost six weeks and are bringing in jets and other American support, I don’t think there are too many places she could be alive and hidden. I also think your “almost 10% estimate” is high.

Slightly off-topic, but this made me think of this story from a few weeks ago. Granted, it only came to my attention because I go to the same school as this girl used to, and, well, I found this whole story and all the local reaction to it to be rather amusing.

Because the link didn’t seem to get done right on my last post, here’s the page the story I mentioned is on: