F-16 aiding search for Holloway?? Incredible!

I couldnt believe the latest in the search for the missing holloway teen–three F-16s! The U.S. didn’t do that for Laci Peterson, doubt they’d do it for anyone, short of the President, and yet the Holloway family still blasts the Aruba criminal investigation… I’m sure I might be very distraught as well, should my teen be the one missing, but good grief, Natale Holloway needs to be reminded that even here in the U.S., IF THERE ISN’T EVIDENCE, you can’t hold a person in jail, indefinitely, AND you ARE presumed innocent until PROVEN guilty… so stop the inflammatory allegations.

I’m still at a loss to see exactly what’s so special about this girl that this case is getting so much media attention. I feel bad for the family, because no doubt something bad has happened to her, but I’m also thinking, if they haven’t found her yet on that Island, I don’t think they will.

This is absurd. I can’t help thinking, at this point, that the way they keep stepping up the search with soldiers and planes is utterly moronic. It’s been obvious from the beginning that she’s fucking dead. It’s not that I lack sympathy, but this is beyond the pale.

From here. It was Holland that sent the F-16’s, not the United States. However, I’m sure it that it a direct result of “U.S. lawmakers increased pressure on the Aruban government to do more to find the Alabama teenager”. I also fail to see what makes this girl so special–so much so that people from here get kidnapped seemingly everyday, yet I rarely (if ever) hear about it on the news, aside from the occasional blurb on CNN (google “Nuevo Laredo kidnappings” to see what I mean). You’d think that 22 (actually more, I think, and counting) missing Americans would make the news at least once in a blue moon (even if the majority of the are Hispanic).

Would they even be able to spot a body on the ground from an F16 flying fast enough to stay in the air?

Fighter jets are used for aerial reconnaisance all the time. Just bolt a high definition digital camera to its belly and radio down the images. Military intelligence analysts can use them to infer a surprising amount of info - I’ve known a few aerial photo officers, and they’re very perceptive guys.

You know, I’m sure the Dutch can write the whole thing off as a training excercise. It’s not as if their military has anything better to do.

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Yeah, I think we’ve send the F16s to keep the Americans happy.
The Aruban people are pretty p1ssed off at all the publicity, I believe.

I wish they’d find the poor girl. :frowning:

Actually, I think this would be done by FLIR.

What proof is there that she’s dead?

The CNN site tell us the F-16s have sonar :dubious: Isn’t that for underwater use?

Now if those boys had access to a large body of water, say an ocean or large gulf, why, it would be nearly impossible to find her. Good thing they’re not on an island or anything. They better keep looking.

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I don’t believe FLIR would do much good for finding a dead person. The body would pretty much match the ambient temp.

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What proof did I say I had? I’m stating my opinion, and I think it’s pretty fucking obvious she’s dead. She’s been missing for five-plus weeks, and today they called in a Navy dive team. Either they think she’s turned into a mermaid, or they think she was killed and her corpse was dumped in the ocean.

The recon fighters can be outfitted with a varied suite of sensors, from HD digital cameras in multiple wavelengths to FLIR to mapping radar (but not sonar; the Dutch Navy has maritime patrol planes with that). So hey, it’s worth a shot and like they said, it’s valuable training experience. But yes, this is getting to be a bit too much.

I had one massive fit of embarassment-on-behalf-of-others when her mother stuck her foot in her mouth in recent days by berating the authorities for releasing people due to the absence of hard evidence. Great, I thought, now the Arubans are gonna stop seeing it as “a mother is looking for her child”, and start seeing it as “Americans think they’re the only place with laws”.

Sad, but in an island the size of Aruba, if they didn’t find her within a few days, it’s not likely they will. All it would have taken would be a short boat ride during the “unaccounted” hours.

Most accidental drownings of adults and teens take place in the company of alcohol, right? If she (after a few drinks, maybe a puff or two, and some casual sex in the car or on the beach–and yes, I know there’s no solid proof of any of those) was left alone on the beach and said, well, that was fun, and let’s cap it off before I have to go home tomorrow morning with a midnight swim! and then never made it back to shore, would the body still be findable by airplane at this point?

Those boys are all acting a little squirrely, of course, but conjuring up an instant conspiracy to murder an American and then covering their tracks so brilliantly the FBI can’t find them…I dunno.

I hate saying this but it hasn’t been said an …well.

After 5 weeks in the ocean, there is not going to be a whole heck of a lot left of this young lady, is there? :frowning:


You said “It’s been obvious since the beginning that she’s dead”. What led you to believe, from the beginning, that she was dead?

Cervaise, others, I too agree that she has perished, but to assume that from the ‘beginning’ would be a little presumptuous.

She’s not dead, she ran away with the hotel handyman.