Oh no, they want to bring Joran van der Sloot here for trial.

This is just unbelievable. Why can’t they leave well enough alone? Let this crazy killer rot in a Peruvian prison? That’s where he belongs. He got a 28 year sentence that I seriously doubt he’ll survive. Conditions in their prisons are much harsher than the soft, country club US prisons.

There wasn’t enough evidence to convict him of the Holloway disappearance. They don’t even have a body for cripes sake. That’s why Aruba never charged him.

They’ve got this guy on a solid murder in Peru. Why in the hell do we want to bring him here for? Do we really have to piss away a million bucks putting this piece of filth on trial here? Do we really have to put this slime on the front page of every newspaper in America? That’s what will happen if they bring him to trial here. Why put the Holloway family through this hell?

It’s the Daily Mail. The UK equivalent of lefty Fox News. Peru gets to have him and they aren’t going to let him go until his trial is over and if convicted, the sentence is then served.

Hey, money is no object where “justice” is concerned. WE’ll also pay for HIS lawyer (of course)-hope they get a guy like Dershowitz (who will bill at $600/hour). Honestly, thinking that the government CARES about the taxpayers? Perish the thought-we want “justice”!
And, while we’re at it, let’s dredge up the original actors, and fly them to Arba for “fact finding”.

CNN article, since people don’t like the Daily Mail.

The sick thing is, they want to waste all this money and make Joran a media celebrity all over again for a Extortion Charge. This is beyond stupid. All it will do is make a ton of money for the press and waste a bunch of tax payer money prosecuting him. Plus we’ll get stuck paying for his defense too.

I still remember the non-stop 7 day a week coverage of the Hollway disappearance. Every media outlet had their ratings soar at the expense of this poor kid. Larry King and Greta Van Susteren had Holloway coverage almost every night for months. Now, 7 years later we’re going to make Joran a media star all over again.

Rereading my OP, I stated my opinion a bit stronger than I normally would. That article about Van Der Sloot coming here really blindsided me. I thought we’d heard the last of this psycho when he got his 28 year sentence in Peru.

Just shows we should never underestimate the stupidity of our Justice dept. With everything else going on, they just have to extradite this guy on a extortion charge. Blow a bunch of time and money for nothing. It’s well known that our courts are already overwhelmed with a backlog of cases. Let’s add one more case for the prisoner from Peru.

There’s no way this a-hole will survive 28 years in a Peruvian prison. He’ll never get a chance to serve one day of any sentence we give him for extortion.

From what I gathered from Dutch news sources the plan would be to sentence him for the extortion, then send him back to Peru.

Now in the event he makes it out of there alive (either 28 years from now, or before that for good behavior–if they have that) they’d send him to the USA for the 2nd sentence.
Seems like a smart plan to make sure he gets a true life sentence.

If they bring him to the US, he will have his pick of stalky, chinless, killer-obsessed jailhouse brides! Who he will *still *manage to murder, even though they only correspond via the mail.

Regardless of how much worse things can be, US prisons are not country clubs. Carry on.

The arguments against prosecuting him don’t make any sense to me. He allegedly extorted $25,000 from the mother of a murder victim, nevermind that he is probably the murderer. That’s a crime worth prosecuting. The idea that the government should either not prosecute because he’ll be in the news again or because it’s a sure thing he’ll be murdered in jail in Peru is absurd. That’s not the kind of basis you use to decide whether or not to prosecute a case.

You don’t get Alan Dershowitz if your legal defense is paid for by the court.

I guess my idea of justice is more an eye for an eye. Joran made a mistake killing the daughter of an important figure in Peru. He’s a retired race car driver, owns a stake in the casino Joran visited, and I “think” he’s even run for office in Peru. I bet he’s got resources to reach Joran in prison. Or somebody will do this important guy a favor and do it for free. They don’t appreciate foreigners coming in and murdering their citizen’s young daughters in Peru.

I’ll predict now that there’s a shank waiting for Joran. They must be babysitting him in prison (protective custody) for the U.S. trial. Otherwise he’d already be toast.

I know it’s an old thread, but Peru has just agreed to extradite van der Sloot to the USA after he’s served his full sentence. So he’ll face the extortion & wire fraud charges in 2038. Presumably the statute of limitations clock isn’t ticking since he’s not the US now.

I can’t say I’m too disappointed - let him rot in a Peruvian jail until he’s 50, then drag him back here to spend some time in a lovely federal institution.

I don’t think that applies here since he’s already been charged.

I may be in the ground by 2038 or too senile to care. :wink: I’m glad that POS will be in Peru until 2038.

So much happens in 24 years. I wonder if Natalee Holloway’s mom will even be alive. 24 years is significant for people in their fifties.