Joran van der Sloot tougher than I thought.

I didn’t think this pampered rich boy would last long in a Peruvian prison. Killing teen girls is more his style. But, he’s already been involved in three prison stabbings.

I guess psycho violent & crazy trumps hard core criminal. At least so far. This dude is crazy dangerous. Right up there with Ted Bundy, Albert DeSalvo , and those other serial killers. :eek:

I still expect some of the prison gangs will take care of this guy. Unless he’s getting outside money to pay them off. The father of the last girl he murdered is very popular in Peru. I’ll be very surprised if Joran makes it to trial.

Is he in the The Celebrity Death Pool 2011?

ETA: ". “But he actually wants to change his life and goes to church.”

Cthulhu’s church?

It still amazes me that some parents send their teenage daughters out of the country on spring break to go clubbing, drinking/drugging, and having sexual escapades with strangers.

Yeah, she sure got what she had coming to her, eh?

What’s the part that amazes you, the teenage part (which may include legal adult), the daughters part (in which case you’re a sexist boob), the out of the country part (what, it’s fine if they club, use mind-altering substances and fuck so long as it’s in the USA), that it’s in spring (would it be ok to do it in autumn; what if the southern hemisphere is involved; should they stay away from tropical areas altogether)?

Well, setting aside the fact that clubbing, drinking/drugging, and sexual escapades with strangers carry their own inherent risks, I don’t think being out of the country was a contributing factor in Natalie Holloway’s death. She was just as likely to meet a predator in the U.S.

What bothers me about NetTrekker’s WTF? bomb is that I fully agree that Natalee’s parents were indeed foolish to financially subsidize their 18 year-old daughter’s alcohol-centric Graduation trip to Aruba, just as they would have been foolish to give her $100 bucks to go out drinking with her high-school classmates somewhere in the upscale suburbs of Birmingham.

That said, none of their misjudgment can be fixed now, and I am certain they will feel guilt for their poor parenting decisions for the rest of their lives, (and yes, although she was indeed an 18 year-old adult, they certainly could have told her they were not giving her a single dollar for her liquor-infused vacation) but NONE of the above has anything to do with young Mr. Van der Sloot and his seeming propensity to occasionally murder young women…

It should be noted that Joran has denied that the incidents happened at all.

I think much of what was surprising was the part that you left out: her parents’ sending her.
Also, every woman that gets high/drunk is taking her life in her own hands, like it or no. Doing such in unfamiliar territory is just…well, you do the math.
Sorry, sexist boob (heh-heh) or not, the girl actually had some measure of control. If Van Der Sloot actually did do anything to Natalee (sp?) she bloody well knew the risks, and chose to disregard them.
Yes, life is unfair, and her killer, if she wasn’t high, got drowned accidentally, and her body washed away, deserves a painful death, but, she’s still dead.
Best wishes,