F Scott Fitzgerald and the candy bar

My daughter is writing a report on F Scott Fitzgerald for school. She read that he was eating a candy bar when he suddenly had a heart attack. My daughter was wondering if anyone knows what type of candy bar he was eating! :stuck_out_tongue: Anyone know?

A Hersey bar according the the last paragraph here: http://www.findadeath.com/Deceased/F/F.Scott%20Fitzgerald/f.htm

Thanks! It’s funny the things that fascinate a ten-year-old!

If she switches to Nestle, now you’ll know why.

Replace “candy bar” with “Sheila Graham.”

That’s going to be a tricky one to put in a school report.

Especially in fourth grade!

I think it is interesting. I try to maitain the sense of wonder and curiosity that children have and so many adults loose along the way.

Are you at all curious about spelling? :slight_smile:

My curiosity got loose once and I never was able to catch it.

A loose bit my sister once.

Or was it a moose?

Did she maitain her sense of wonder?

Replace Sheila Graham with Real Magi Hash. :wink:

I love F. Scott. I had no idea he died eating a candy bar though. And that’s one terrible tie he had in 1938. Sort of coincidentally I’m in the middle of a little known novella of his called May Day**.

How fitting; according to Eve, he died while he was going down.