**F** the terrorists...

So how have you, in your small way, done things in defiance of the fear of terrorism? It may be just a few small things that you feared doing, but pushed forward with anyway…

I flew to Boston from Baltimore in late September 2001. The route took me over the west side of Manhattan going up, and over the east side going down. You could see straight down into the gaping hole at Ground Zero.

I made my first trip to NYC for Christmas shopping in November 2001. Fell completely in love woth the city and have been back 4 times since.

I took the family to the National Zoo and the Smithsonians in Washington in April 2002.

The wife and I are planning a getaway weekend in May in Washington. We want to see the Anti-Aircraft missile batteries on the Key Bridge.

I know many of you out there have other stories to tell about how you have not let the threat of terror change your life. I am sure MANY of them eclipse my humble examples.

I made friends with people at my College who follow the Muslim faith, I also made my own personal ‘peace’ with the the religion in general.:slight_smile:
Those bigots don’t know what they’re missin!

I traveled next door to Iran within months after 9/11. I continue to fight anti-Muslim bigotry whenever I see it. I also discuss the Middle East situation with Arab people I know in order to gain more insight.

I haven’t let the current fad for paranoia and fear affect my life one bit. I rarely even think about it. I certainly haven’t wasted my time in buying duct tape and plastic sheeting, though I’ll admit to going to the government’s preparedness website for a bit of a chuckle.

Duck and Cover!