F1 Canada - results herein

Content-free opening post for those who haven’t seen it yet.

What a blinder of a race. The two stars were Hamilton (obviously, as he won) and Sato.

And full marks for Wurz and his team for expecting the safety cars.

Hamilton really impressed me with the way he controlled the race and kept his composure. I think Alonso has only himself to blame for his poor performance - he obviously damaged the bottom of his car, and kept making a mess of that chicane.

Despite the crashes - and Kubica’s was spectacular - I really enjoyed the race. It wasn’t simply a parade that is so often the case.

And wasn’t Sato good too? He’s usually near the back, but today he picked his way up the field following a good qualifying time, only a second off pole.

And poor old Button, left on the starting grid.