Face it, you need a home with a three million dollar doomsday bunker

Recent events should convince you that you need a place to hole up safely, whether it’s Trumpmaniacal insurrectionists or ravening hordes of Biden-Harrisites that you fear.

Fortunately, the home of former Kentucky state representative C. Wesley Morgan is on the market for a very reasonable $6.5 million. For that, you get a luxury lakefront house on 200 acres, heated floors, a saltwater pool and a two thousand square foot underground bunker with all the amenities.


I found the landscaping to be deficient, but I suppose that trees block your view of maddened socialists streaming over the Kentucky hills, and you need a clear field of fire to repel them.

My wife and I just put in a full-priced bid. I would like to finally and incontrovertibly answer the whole ‘urban vs. rural’ thing.

Besides … what a charming little pied à terre it would make.

I’ve hardly been out of the house for the past year. If it gets worse I’m not locking myself in a bunker, I’m going outside.

Hah! About 20 years ago, when we were considering moving from our townhouse to a detached house, I picked up one of those “real estate for sale” free mags at the grocery store. There was one place, in our county, that touted having a bunker / bomb shelter / rec room in the basement. I quipped that it was some on-the-way-out political appointee’s place (DC suburb).

Not nearly as sweet as the one described in that article, I suspect.

I guess if I moved to Kentucky, I would want to live underground.

“If the worst did happen, how would he feel about climbing from the ground into the ruins of a post-apocalyptic world?”

It’s Kentucky. How would someone know the difference?

The mutants have all their teeth?

Used to be you could get a perfectly good underground silo for $200-400k:

That was hardly the only one, too.

In a county to the north of my own the local high school was built in a converted missile silo. There is very little above ground.