Facebook chat icons

I know the green dot means available for chat, what does the rectangle outline mean?

It means they’re on their phone using the mobile chat.

It’s a phone and it means they have their facebook account set up to send ims to their phone.

Thanks guys.

No problem. I’d hate to think you’re wasting time hovering your mouse over things when you could be asking other people for the answer.

And I’d hate to think you were making fun of someone for not knowing something and thus asking a question about it. Or arrogant enough to think that, just because you know that hovering over pictures often produces something to tell you about things, that everyone does.

And I’d hate you to think somebody was upset in the internet.

It means don’t bother her. She’ll either respond or not but get on with your life.

I don’t think of you at all.

And I’d hate to think you were not around anymore to police us all into be nice wittle puppies and kittens.

I hate to think, too.

BigT just got Drapered.

I just tested it (Chrome, Mac OS, Social Fixer plugin enabled for Facebook) and got no mouseover text for people in my chat window.

Chrome, Windows 7 and Social Fixer and it works so I guess this is a black eye for macs…?
Irrevelant anyway as if you click on the name of someone with a phone icon, the chat window displays text that says the message will be sent to their phone.